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Model & Design Guide - Antique Vintage Coffee Grinders

Vintage Coffee Grinders

Model & Design Guide

A general guide to design style and time periods for antique vintage coffee grinders.

Ancient Coffee Grinders

Brass & Copper Cylinder Coffee Grinders

Possibley the oldest coffee / spice grinder designs originating from the ancient Greek Byzantine lands.
The design making its way to Western Europe from Eastern Europe after the Ottoman–Habsburg wars. Mass produced in France and Germany from the early 1900's until the 1960's.

Early Dutch Coffee Grinders

Early Dutch Coffee / Spice Grinders

The first European production coffee grinders were spice grinder designs imported to Europe by the Dutch East India Company.
Mass produced in Western Europe from the mid to late 1600's until the early 1700's.

Early French Flemish Coffee Grinders

Early French Flemish Coffee / Spice Grinders

Louis IV loved coffee, he even ordered twelve of the World's finest coffee trees from the Dutch East India Company to be delivered to Paris. Due to the Sun Kings love of coffee an ultra French coffee grinder style was developed. A design evolustion from the early Dutch imported models.
Produced by craftsman in France from the late 1600's until the early 1700's.

French Louis IV Coffee Grinders

French Louis IV Coffee / Spice Grinders

The early coffee / spice grinder designs evolved in France in the early 1700's, the hopper capacity and burr size became larger to become the first true coffee grinder designs.
Produced in France from the early 1700's until the mid 1700's.

Old Coffee Grinders

Open External Hopper Coffee Grinders

The first table top designs from the mid 1800’s until the early 1900’s.
Made in France, Italy, Austria, Germany and England.

Biedermeier Coffee Grinders

Classic Napoleon / Biedermeier Coffee Grinders

Early 1800’s until the 1890’s.
Made in France & Germany.

Vintage Coffee Grinders

Full External Hopper Coffee Grinders

Early 1800's Biedermeier era until the 1920’s.
Made in France and Germany.

Classic Coffee Grinders

Classic Biedermeier Low Rise Hopper Coffee Grinders

Mid 1800’s until the 1890’s.
Made in France, Italy and Germany.

Side Handle Coffee Grinders

Classic Napoleon Side Handle Coffee Grinders

Early 1800’s Napoleon / Biedermeier era until the 1920’s.
Made in France, Italy, Germany and Austria.

Jugendstil Coffee Grinders

Half Rise Hopper Coffee Grinders

From the 1890’s until the 1920’s.
Made in France and Germany.

Wall Mount Coffee Grinders

Wall Mount Coffee Grinders

From the 1860's to the 1920's Made in France and Germany.
After the late 1920's mostly made in Holland.

Box Coffee Grinders

Wood Box Coffee Grinders

From the 1930's to the 1940's.
Made in France & Germany.

Coffee Grinders

(Modern) Art Déco Box Coffee Grinders

Mid 1920’s until the 1960’s.
Made in France and Germany.

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