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Classic Coffee & Espresso Recipes

VCG Favorite Coffee Recipes - Classic Recipes

Viena Coffee

Cafe au lait - The most common way of drinking coffee in Europe is the Cafe au lait (French), Milchkaffee (German), Schale (Swiss), or Wiener Melange (Austrian). Some of the World’s oldest cafes are in Paris, France and the traditional cup is the Cafe au lait. This is a normally brewed cup of French roast coffee with warm whipped milk. In Vienna this is always served with a small glass of water on the side which is the very old tradition of the Vienna cafes.

To make the traditional Kaffee Milange or Milchkaffee make a brewed cup of coffee (French press is perfect) warm about a cup of milk or half and half in a small pan and while heating whip with an electric mixer. The milk will foam up to more than double and have a thick consistency if you use good fresh milk. Spoon the foamed milk to the top of your cup of coffee. Add a tea spoon of honey or sugar if you like.

Ice Coffee

Ice Coffee - Found in most restaurants and cafes in Europe.
A double strength strong brewed coffee or espresso with vanilla ice cream added in a large serving glass.

Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee - Strong coffee or espresso with 1 1/2 oz heated Irish whiskey, 1 tsp brown sugar, heavy cream.
Combine the heated whiskey and sugar and stir to dissolve. Flame whisky and sugar with a lighter for a few seconds then add coffee or espresso and stir again. Float whipped cream or whipping cream gently on the top.

Hemingway Coffee

Hemingway Coffee - VCG original. Ingredients: 1 teaspoon of the finest ground coffee powder (this is a grind beyond espresso!), 2.5 shots smokey scotch whiskey, 1 shot Drambuie or teaspoon honey. Pour whiskey into glass then add the fine powder and stir well, let sit for about 3-5 minutes then pour into new glass leaving the ground sediment behind using a spoon to help separate. Add Drambuie or honey - or both and stir. Generally not for breakfast!

Berg Coffee

Swiss - Graubeunden Berg Kaffee - A favorite of the high Alps.
An extra strong brewed coffee with schnapps. Up to four different kinds of schnapps on occasions. Sometimes served in a beautiful hand carved wooden bowl with lid to help insulate from the cold.
Heat schnapps then add to coffee and light with a flame for a few seconds then stir.
Note: European schnapps are not the same thing as the candied liquors labeled schnapps sold in the U.S. and Canada. Real schnapps can have the refinement of a fine whiskey with the same powerful kick! And yes whiskey is a great substitute!

U.S. Navy Coffee

U.S. NAVY COFFEE - SIGNAL BRIDGE COFFEE - The U.S. Navy has a long tradition of brewing great coffee, a tradition since long before World War II. Navy standard coffee is fresh dark roasted (preferably Hawaiian) double + strength coffee with a few cups of seawater added to the brew pot, when seawater is not available a tablespoon of sea salt added to the coffee grounds before brewing. The salt helps remove bitterness which is needed for very stong coffee especially after the coffee has been sitting, mixed with new brew and rebrewed many times in a large brewer machine. The best of the strong brew is called "Signal Bridge Coffee". The Signal Bridge coffee mess would have super strong thick black brewed coffee 24/7 to keep sailors sharp on a long watch.
U.S. Navy Chief coffee mugU.S NAVY CHIEFS by tradition may be the greatest of all coffee purists. A Navy Chief will only drink Navy coffee black. Anything else is considered to be tea or foo foo coffee. For example a cafe au lait or cappuccino would be called fuzzy foo foo coffee. If you want to drink coffee like a U.S. Navy Chief you will only drink your strong sea salted Navy coffee black and never wash your coffee mug! Yes thats right - NEVER! After 1 year your favorite unwashed coffee mug will be considered seasoned - with an algae moss like brownish black goo on the inside of the cup that comes to seaweed like life with every fresh pour! Many sailors claim to have seen an apparition of a sea monster appear after one of those ancient dirty coffee mugs was mistakenly cleaned. For that reason it is considered to be very unhealthy and even dangerous to wash a Navy Chiefs coffee mug.

Take a closer look at the Chief's coffee mug in the photo, the mug is empty!

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